Boosting Facebook Posts Is Worth the Cost

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I cannot stress enough how valuable boosting Facebook posts is, if you do it right. What is boosting? You have probably seen the blue “Boost Post” button on the corner of each of the posts on your Facebook business page. You may have ignored or declined to use it when you realized it costs money. Others may have told you that it does not work. I’m here to tell you the opposite. Boosts basically send your posts to the newsfeeds of an audience outiside of your following that you customize. If you only have a couple hundred followers or less this is a perfect way to reach more people. Like all things in marketing, boosting is not a “get rich easy” or “get rich overnight” trick. It takes persistence. One of the most authoritative figures on the subject of social media marketing, Dennis Yu, can testify of the additional reach and engagement boosting can bring over time. Whatever you may have heard previously, this strategy is not one that only works for the big brands, it is perfect for smaller-budget small businesses. If you target the right customized audience it will reach more people who will relate to it and like and share it. Dennis explains this phenomenon better:

‘Boosting posts is saying, “I would like my post to be seen.” There may be a range of business objectives like awareness, engagement, or perversion that people want. “I want leads. I want people to check-in. I’m trying to sell my product. It’s ecommerce. I’m trying to grow my business.” All these business reasons, boosted posts actually cover almost all of them. The boosted post is the big Easy Button. You don’t have to go into Ads Manager or Power Editor or the API, which are the three other ways we can create ads. This is simple. You click the blue button, you can select an audience, which is key, and we’ll talk about saved audiences and how you set that up properly. Then you just say, “Look, I want to spend ten bucks over ten days, or a dollar in one day.” Then you just let it go, and it does its thing. It does all the stuff for you.’

Boosts do not require long hours of strategizing. It is a learn and refine as you go engagement which is beneficial for small-business owners who have little extra time on their hands.
What matters is that you target the right audience with the right content. If you run a restaurant, you want to target not just hungry people, but the people who influence them like food critics, newspapers, other restaurants.

When you click on “Boost Post”, it is very simple. You can choose the type of audience you want targeted by narrowing them down by their behaviors, demographics, and interests.

Look over your budget and see how much you can commit to boosting posts. Whatever you put down, you will overtime get your money’s worth. If you you need more help give us a call for a free consultation.

Here at Ket-go Digital Media, we are committed to giving you the best social media consulting, we’ll even do it for you! For more tips on Social Media look at our latest article on Instagram.

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