The Team

The Team

Oscar Miguel

 Oscar founded Ket-Go Digital Media as a South Florida-based online marketing agency with a mission to help clients receive more traffic, acquire more customers, and make more money. He graduated from Instituto de Ciencias De La Comunicacion, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

He worked for La Voz del Hogar Radio Station as a DJ, interviewing famous Spanish super stars like, Angelica Maria, Ednita Nasarios, Grupo Menudo, and Grupo Los Chicos.

After moving to Los Angeles, California, He began a career in sales, marketing and management as Sales and Operations Manager for Storage USA, a GE company. He has helped different sized businesses promote their products and services in various media portals such as Internet, Yellow Pages, and Direct Mail. He has held various sales, training and managerial positions with AT&T Publishing Company and Hearst Media Corporation.

Luis Miguel
Vice President, Fulfillment & Content Development

As Vice President of Fulfillment,  Luis plans and coordinates online deliverables. Overseeing website development, content marketing strategy and comparative analysis.

Having built strong relationships writing human interest stories on artists, news anchors and entrepreneurs, he was able to sell these pieces to the travel and multicultural site Perpetual and the Los Angeles Post.

He has authored hundreds of SEO-friendly content pieces for clients like eTech360,, DeWalt,, Fanreads and Neil Patel. Topics include: personal finance, business, tech news, education, history, art, music and telecom.

Joe Gurewicz
Vice President, Business Development

As Business Development Manager, Joe oversees Ket-Go’s digital sales team in sourcing, building and developing strong partnerships and networking groups.

Joe has firsthand experience supporting large scale sales teams with vertical and major account assignments. As a business owner and entrepreneur, he specialized in PC and LAN Sales to Healthcare Facilities.

A 29 year resident of Florida, Joe has extensive degrees in business, computer science, anthropology, and political science.

Randy Miguel
Vice President, Digital Operations

As Vice President of Digital Operations he oversees daily HubSpot CRM management and training. Assigning and building the workflow strategy. His focus is on  coordinating fulfillment teams and partners on social media funnels, video production, photography, email marketing, and graphic design. He manages the introductory phase of recruiting, hiring and training our sales team, partner program members and internship participants. He oversee new enterprise integrations such as the addition of our business IT services from our Salt Lake City Office.

Having an extensive career in B2B sales, Randy has lived and worked throughout the U.S. His experience includes business sales for payroll solutions, finance leasing and online marketing.

He also enjoys writing, filming, and volunteering for charitable causes.

Taylor Wall
Information Technology

Taylor is an experienced support technician efficient in troubleshooting networks, VoIP PBX Systems, Firewalls and Servers.

He has provided support to large enterprise customers and small business owners. He is dedicated to his field and makes it his mission to provide end users the very best experience navigating, managing, and utilizing their technology.

Taylor serves as the company Chief Information Officer and oversees the our managed IT services. In that capacity he helps to guide clients through the abundance of emerging technologies and plan a strategy that makes the most of your IT budget while addressing current and future technology needs.
Ronald Kless
Digital Media Managment

As a skilled internet professional, Ron assists with project based internet media, website development, search engine optimization, content marketing/blogging and overall marketing support. He is a former Hearst Corporation Digital Sales Manager with 4 years of experience managing a digital media team of over 12 digital consultants.

An excellent POV presenter to small and midsized companies, Ron’s overall marketing skills include OOH advertising, TV, Radio, YP, Direct Mail, and Email Marketing.

Ron writes and teaches on SEO, SEM, SMM. Website Design, Linking/Content Strategies, Content Marketing / Blogging, PHP, WordPress, Linux/Windows/MAC and Photoshop
Rafael Mackall
Multimedia & Creative Design

Rafael is  responsible for the production of multimedia assets in support of our clients. He brings a diverse skill set to the team ranging from video production, photography, social media marketing, web design, copy editing and more. 

He is responsible for conceptualization, direction and execution of lifestyle and product photography for numerous brands with multiple applications including print and web. Develops concepts and/or evolves branding for projects that align per client guidelines. Develops photography directional guides (decks) for client approval and shares final with crew members to ensure team alignment on deliverables. 

Landon Koch
Sales - Mountain West

Landon is an invaluable member of the business development team. As the head of sales for the mountain-west region He brings new, out of the box ideas. His technical knowledge makes him an invaluable resource in video production, editing, and storytelling. His sales techniques make him a great teacher for new sales members  He provides great insight into business savvy ideas, taking the group in new directions.

Landon got his start by provide printing solutions through innovative software to residents, schools, and businesses and was an available video resource for both students and faculty alike to help create video content to fulfill the needs of the LDS Business College Communications Board.
Mario Miguel

Mario works on building in-bound lead generation programs, and review of all publications. He has oversight of website management and social media tools, tracking and reporting.

He focuses on increasing visibility of Ket-Go Digital Media with potential customers, and positioning Ket-Go as a thought leader in the industry.

Mario aggregates and publishes blogs from all teammates, creating content for marketing with partners on major websites. He also coordinates public relations activities and trade shows.

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Chauntel Jacobs
Social Media Content & Development

Chaun Jacobs is a pastries enthusiast, writer, and videographer. Some of her works include Content Creation for LDS Business College,  Social Media Strategist for COMVproductions, and Radio Content Producer for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Youtube Channel. Chaun Jacobs is also the author of the Hiccups and Pastries blog as well as 22footprints. Chauntel works on various creative projects from writing to editing video for the various social media channels. Chaun is most often found on set with a camera or searching for snacks in the pantry.

Togi Chinbat
Website & CMS Development

An entrepreneur, with a vision of bringing Silicon Valley culture to Mongolia. Togi is constantly try and figure out what other people are really good at and learn it from them. A graduate of LDS Business College and Utah State University, Togi started Embersoft and Konektu in Mongolia, focusing on proprietary CMS development. 

Togi leads the website, app, and CMS development teams both locally and overseas. He provides knowledge and support for our host of VA's.

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Leslie Navarrette
Graphic Design & Photography

As head of Graphic Design, Leslie uses a mix of creative/visual marketing skills to promote and improve brand awareness among partners and customers. As a visual designer she works on a variety of campaigns for both digital and print, including; logos and brands, product labels and images, web graphics (banners and ads), product and application infographics, social assets, e-brochures, instructional guides/product demonstrations, emails, newsletters, conference graphics, and web pages.

She also ensures customer requirements are met by overseeing scheduling and tracking of requests from the sales organization, customer service and marketing projects. 






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