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Next Gen Marketing: Micro-influencers

It turns out that more followers does not necessarily equal more engagement. This has subsequently changed the game in social media marketing from contracting to celebrity endorsements to collaborating with “micro-influencers.” Micro-influencers are people on social media who have about 100,000 or less followers with high engagement (likes and comments) rates. Studies have shown that

Building Your Brand Using Instagram

Already use Facebook and Twitter? Try Instagram. Marketing opportunities are expanding on Instagram and mastering this social medium has become essential to building a trusted brand. The key to marketing effectively on Instagram is constant engagement with followers. People are no longer on Instagram just for the selfies and vacation pics. 70% of users have

The Sales Evangelist – Donald Kelly

Ever since I can remember, whenever I found something of value I always wanted to share it. Naturally, over the years I gravitated toward a career where I could do that for a living—yup, you guessed it right: “Sales”. From selling cookies in my front yard as a kid to selling highly sophisticated software service,

Defining “Leadership” – Jonathan Perez

Do me a favor: Google search the phrase “what is leadership?” and tell me how many different interpretations you find. So many people want to crack the leadership code and try to interpret the word. We see so many different perspectives on leadership that some have even made it into a career. For example, Stephen

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