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5 Directories Your Business NEEDS to be Listed On

So many things go into boosting your SEO, but listing your business on an online directory with accurate, consistent information should not be understated. I will emphasize ACCURATE AND CONSISTENT once more. All of your listings and profiles should have the same up to date information. This will help people identify you and know how

Boosting Facebook Posts Is Worth the Cost

I cannot stress enough how valuable boosting Facebook posts is, if you do it right. What is boosting? You have probably seen the blue “Boost Post” button on the corner of each of the posts on your Facebook business page. You may have ignored or declined to use it when you realized it costs money.

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5 Types of Backlinks That Improve Your SEO

Link-building is the SEO activity you can’t afford to ignore. But it’s also the one activity that’s hardest to get down. In determining your website’s search rankings, Google looks at the backlinks on other website that are pointing to yours. If you have links from well-known authoritative sites, your website goes up on Google search.

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7 Steps for Increasing the Conversion Rate of your Copy

Chances are you don’t write copy on your business website just for the fun of it. You expect every landing pages, ad, or blog post to generate sales. Maybe you feel lost. You’re not sure whether the hours you’re investing into crafting copy for your site is really paying off. Maybe you see your competitors

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Amazing Blogging Tips to Market Your Business

If you want to grow your business, blogging is one of the most effective ways to do it. But creating and maintaining a successful blog isn’t easy. That’s why you need a cheat sheet of the most amazing blogging tips. Remember, there are three key ingredients to winning big with your blog: constancy, creativity, and

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